Our Business Systems and Equipment

GAMMINCO maintains a program of investment in modern, highly-productive CNC machining equipment in its pursuit of high end-product quality, timely delivery and cost competitiveness for our customers.
As an active and collaborative partner, we cater for manufacturers with continuous production by integrating ourselves into their supply chains. Our extensive production management and inventory reporting systems support just-in-time requirements for both domestic and offshore OEM’s.

In support of the general and heavy engineering industries, GAMMINCO is committed to maintaining its position at the front of the medium to heavier end of the industrial machining spectrum. GAMMINCO has invested in large and out-sized equipment to handle a wide range of jobbing and low-volume work for the manufacture of new parts, machining of welded fabrications and refurbishment of existing mechanical equipment.

Our work for General and Heavy Engineering businesses is carried out with fullest commitment and attention to detail to ensure the final customer is completely satisfied.

CNC Machining Centres

Sixteen machining centres cover jobbing, small-volume, and high-volume manufacturing needs. Newest plant is selected on its capability to minimise setup time, with production capability tending toward near-zero setup time and running unattended.
Our range of machining centres include:

  •     Vertical three-axis and four-axis machining centres up to double-column 2200mm X travel x 1300mm Y travel
  •     Twin-pallet three-axis vertical machining centres
  •     Six-pallet horizontal machining centres up to 800mm pallet and 120 tool ATC
  •     Five-face universal CNC machining centre 3000mm X travel x 1000mm Y travel x 1500mm Z travel

CNC Lathes and Multitasking Centres

Thirteen multiaxis CNC lathes range from small to medium barfed collet machines, chucking lathes with up to 100mm spindle bore for large bar work and the latest multitasking machines with subspindles and up to nine axes.
These machines cover our customers jobbing and production requirements.

CNC Horizontal Boring and Milling Centre

Horizontal CNC Boring and Milling Machine for the bigger workpieces.
Brief Specification:

  •     3000mm X travel
  •     2000mm Y travel
  •     1800mm Z travel
  •     800mm W quill travel
  •     360 degree B axis servo driven table
  •     12t load capacity
  •     Siemens Sinumerik 840 DSL CNC conversational control
  •     100 tool BT50 ATC including right-angle heads

Conventional Machining Equipment

GAMMINCO also carries out limited manual machining work on a range of modern larger centre lathes and milling equipment.
Further equipment includes keyway broaching, slotting , and internal gear splining.

GammInCo Engineering and Manufacturing Resources

GAMMINCO has a wide range of manufacturing and engineering resources over and above machining, to provide our customers with a fully one-stop manufactured solution.
  •     Automatic NC saws accurate to 0.1mm for preparing production materials
  •     Manual MIG Welding
  •     Robotic Welding for Steel
  •     Robotic Welding for Aluminium
  •     Hydraulic Pressing and Forming
  •     Toolmaking
  •     CNC Aluminium Flatbed Router

Managed Subcontract Services

GAMMINCO offers the complete solution for customers requiring ready-to-fit parts for their production line or field service requirements.
The following services are provided by long-standing and reputable suppliers and managed through our subcontractor procurement system

  •     Heat Treatment
  •     Plasma cutting
  •     Laser cutting
  •     Gearcutting
  •     Electroplating
  •     Galvanising
  •     Electroless Coating
  •     Sandblasting
  •     Painting
  •     Anodising
  •     Powdercoating
  •     Welding Inspection